Hello I'm Clement. I'm 35 years old and living near Lannion, in Britanny/France. I have been developing programs and website since the age of fourteen. At that time I had several newbies books and printed tutorials from french website "Le site du zero".
Later, I decided to make a living out of it.

In 2011 at the end of my studies Android was out already for couple of years but I really wanted to work in that domain. I had several offers for workplacement but I picked one in an outsourcing company, and I had a really great time there for 6years working on mobile applications.
In 2017 I had an opportunity for a new challenge, working on the other side of the mobile phone : the basestation software at Nokia. There I have been working so far on different subjects there from 4G MacPs to 5G L1 (and few month on 4G L3).
While at Open I have mainly been working in Java/Swift/Javascript, at Nokia I got to work with C++ and Python, and now we also start to have a glance at AI/ML projects. And this is the norm but I of course prefer to work within a dynamic/"living" team.

On the personal side I have several fun projects also. From mobile application in Kotlin/JetpackCompose in order to track asian hornet, to trying to get my hands on GoLang/and dig deeper Python web frameworks.

I am always open to new challenge so don't hesitate to contact me.

More details on LinkedIn :